Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi everyone! 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s and that you were able to find some time to rest in all the busyness of the holiday season.  This Christmas season for me was a mix of family time and wedding planning…and did anyone else suffer from bad allergies? Looking back over the past few weeks with times to rest and with times that were busy, I see that the Lord was in all of it. The moments that we are present with him and the times we are not, he is still with us. 

Speaking of wedding planning…

Joey and I would really love to have you be a part of our wedding day! 

And here’s some photos and things that happened at the end of last semester and over the break :)

At our last Fellowship Night a student shared with all of us some difficult things that happened to him recently that lead him to come back to the Lord that week. We all prayed over him together, thanking God for him coming back. Please pray for Jordan and other students who have recently started following Jesus, for them to grow deep roots in the Lord and to not become discouraged. 

Chris had the idea to go around TWU campus and ask if we could pray for people. These are our happy smiles afterwards because it was so refreshing for us to serve people in this way.

We threw a Christmas party for the students. Everyone pulled out their nicest clothes, enjoyed some snacks, and danced the night away. 


Thank you for reading and your continued partnership in ministry! 

Much love,