God is Faithful

God is faithful!  

After welcome week my friend Aileen and I hosted our first small group, expecting all the new people we had met to show up...but nobody came.  Instead of feeling discouraged, we remained faithful to what God had called us to do.  So we continued to reach out and invite.  

But more than we were faithful, God was faithful to us.  With seemingly little effort on our part, God began bringing girls to us - girls who were excited to be a part of community, start friendships, dig deeper into their relationships with God, and for some, find out who Jesus is.  

The past month of spending time with these girls in small group and outside has been a joy!  Here are some sweet photos of them:

I told them I needed a picture for my blog :)

The temperature dropped to 70°, so we decided it was a good day for hot chocolate!
 Taylor started coming a few weeks ago to small group and last week she invited her roommate, Tèa! It's so encouraging when girls invite others to come to small group.   

This is Faith. We started studying scripture together last week and it is already one of the highlights of my week!

Old Testament and other classes

Aside from hanging out with students, the other apprentices and I are taking several classes at our church.  In our Old Testament class we have been reading through a book or two a week of scripture.  It is a lot all at once, but so helpful for a big picture perspective of the story of God and the Israelites.

When I read the Old Testament, I feel like I'm getting to know God through the story of His people.  Throughout the whole story, you can see His heart for the Israelites.  He is concerned about how they treat each other and their relationship with Him.  He cares for the marginalized and the foreigner. He has so much grace for them as they time and time again turn away from Him. God is faithful.  

Cole and Steven are the other two apprentices in Denton with me.  As I said, we have quite a bit of reading each week, so we read out loud together and talk about the material to get a better understanding. We only get off track sometimes...  

I love what I get to do as a campus missionary apprentice.  I love talking with students about Jesus; I love learning with my friends in our classes; I love getting to be on the Denton staff team and serve TWU and UNT.  Thank you for being a part of this and making it possible for me.  Students are being impacted by your donation.  

Prayer Request

- Please pray for our fall camp coming up on October 9-10.   This is a great time for the students in our ministry to cultivate meaningful friendships. 
- Please pray for the girls in my small group to form intentional friendships with each other and know Christ more deeply this year. 
- Let me know how I can be praying for you!

Much love and many blessings!



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