October Update

Hello ministry partner!  

October was a full month for campus ministry (and for our students in the throws of midterms).  Looking back through these photos I am so thankful for what God has done in my life and in our ministry this month.  October was full of activity and it was so fruitful for learning and building relationship! I am so blessed that I get to spend this year ministering to college students and learning for myself more and more of who God is and what it means to follow Jesus.  
Thank you for your support in making this possible - not only only for me but for these students.  Campus ministry is possible because of the support our staff team receives from people like you.  Your support is making a difference in the lives of these students and our campuses at large.  

Fall Camp

Look at this sweet family of friends! Each year we have our annual fall camp. This is a huge turning point in the fall semester as students are able to spend a full weekend together bonding and making memories. The theme of the weekend was about making a decision to follow Jesus. Several of our students shared their stories of making a choice to follow Jesus and commit to serve the body of believers.  Many of our newer students were heavily impacted by hearing these testimonies. 

For the girls in my small group, fall camp brought them closer together and gave them a greater vision for what following Jesus can look like. They have been more committed to showing up to small group, Thursday night fellowship, and to being each other's friends.  

Here are some of the girls from my small group! 

My Sister Got Married!

In the midst of this semester, I got to celebrate my sister and new brother-in-law, Sarah and Daniel. It was a happy day for all of us.  

Ronnie's Class

Every Monday me and the other apprentices meet with one of our senior pastors, Ronnie. He was one of the originators of FOCUS 24 years ago at UTD and has poured his heart into supporting our campus ministries. He loves the Lord and has lived his adult life in obedience to Jesus' call in his life and has a wealth of experience and wisdom to share.  So each week we come with questions about
ministry, following Jesus, or specific life situations.   

As you can see class with Ronnie is very formal.

My friend Alex is an apprentice at Collin College. We were on the same cross country team in high school together! It's really sweet to get to reconnect through campus ministry.  

Pumpkin Painting and Halloween Fun!

The other Denton apprentices and I hosted a pumpkin painting outreach event. We got to meet a lot of students and invited some of them to our small groups. One of the girls we met is coming to my small group tonight! 
Please be in prayer that she feels loved and connected there and encounters Jesus!

Some more Halloween fun!

Here's a little snapshot of our women's leader team meeting last night. We talked about contemplative prayer and resting with the Lord. Our student leaders devote about 15-20 hours of their weeks to hosting small groups, one-on-one Bible studies, and meetings like these.  What a blessing that so many full-time students would want to devote their time to serving their campuses in this way! 

Student Testimony

Thank you for reading! 

Much love,