Wow What a Year!

Hello ministry partner! 

It's the end of the year!  Woohoo! I'm so thankful for what God has done this year and for your support in all of it.  

I'm giving my end of year sermon on the 26th at 2pm and it will be livestreamed.  I'll be talking my takeaways from the year. I'd love for you to watch! 

The Denton Staff Team!


I've loved working with working with these guys this year

End of Year Party!

We got to celebrate all that God has done within our community at our end of year party.  We recognized our seniors and honored our student leaders who have put in so much work into ministry.  It's sweet to look back and see how through one on one Bible studies, small group, and hang outs God has brought beautiful fruit in each of our lives this year.  

This was our last core of the year.  Aileen, Anylah, and I made tacos and we all wrote encouragements to each other.  Thankful for these gals!  

Some more fun times!  On the left is one of our students, Grace. On the right is a friend of mine, Era.  She just finished her thesis in Psychology, so we celebrated with some cake! We've been studying Mark together this semester and I've learned a lot from the questions she asks about scripture.  She's moving to Oregon at the end of this month, though. I'm a little sad to not get to be in her life as closely, but God is still good.  Please be praying for her to continue to know the Lord.  

Thanks for reading! 

Much love,