October Update

Hello ministry partners! 

This blog has been a long time coming, but I'm excited to update you on what's been happening in ministry at TWU and UNT.  Thank you for your continued support. All of this would not be possible without each of you. I am very thankful for each of you. 

First I want to introduce you to my small group!

In my last blog I asked you to pray for the girls in our small group to keep showing up, to be receptive to the Lord, and to friendship with each other.  Thank you for praying because we can see it happening! A lot of the girls stay to hang out after small group, two of them came to our fall retreat, and last week we went to the pumpkin patch together. They're starting to become real friends! 


Our latest addition to small group is Baby Saint! He's one of our girl's nephews who she brings sometimes, which is always a sweet time :) The sweetest thing is that he makes our small group feel more like a family. 


Fall Camp!

We had our annual fall camp a few weekends ago. It was a huge catalyst for knitting our community closer together. Two girls from my small group came and I also got to know other TWU girls from different small groups. 


Every Wednesday we have community outreach at TWU.  They love crafts here at TWU so we've been arranging craft making events to meet more students. We also often eat lunch together to build community among the people in our small groups.  Please be praying for our outreach and community building times!

Some random photos :)

This is some of my roommates and other girls in the ministry hanging out at my house :)

Thank you for reading!

God is always at work and he loves the students and TWU and UNT. My main prayer for the girls in my small group and for our whole ministry is that they would see Jesus. I believe when they see Jesus and know him their hearts will be turned to God and their lives will be changes. Please make this your prayer for the students at UNT and TWU. 

Much love,