Winter Retreat and New Semester

Welcome back to my blog! I pray you all had a wonderful Christmas and were able to have some time to rest. I enjoyed spending being with my family and getting to see old friends over the break. I missed spending time on campus though and I'm glad to be back! 

We just had our Winter Retreat last weekend.  Winter Retreat is my favorite event of the year, of FOCUS events and of my life. We get to be reunited with friends form other campuses and new people get to see a vision for what it means to live in community.  It's a whole weekend of heaven on earth, people just getting to play together, worship together, and form meaningful bonds. Me and my co-leader, Markia, brought three girls from our small group. One of them in particular, Jayla, really enjoyed connecting with other students and talked about how grateful she was for the friends she's made here and how our friendship encourages her in her relationship with God. 

Our sermons came from 1 John and were about Living in the Light and living out of love for one another instead of living in fear. I could tell the Lord was at work in the hearts of our TWU girls as well as mine. The sermons and conversations they were having were stirring their hearts towards God and towards vulnerability and confession. 

I didn't take many photos, but here's a few! 

We always end the weekend with a dance party. I love that people get to be silly together. So so fun! 

One of our student leaders had to step down because of internship responsibilities. So I'm stepping in to help facilitate that small group in a addition to the one I'm already leading.  I'm excited to get more time with the TWU girls, but a little nervous about the additional responsibility to get to know each of them.  Please pray I'll be able to form meaningful connections with the girls in this small group. 

Also please pray that the things our students learned at Winter Retreat will stick with them and that God would continue to shape their hearts with the messages they heard. 

Finally, here's some photos from this winter break. We had a staff retreat to reconvene before going back on campus. It's always so encouraging to get time with other ministers. 

These are my roommates! Keelee, Samantha, Madai, and Veronica. They're UNT and TWU students. This is us over the break catching up with some pizza!    

Madai's family came over to our house for her birthday. They brought over Wing Stop and stayed late celebrating. It was really fun! 

 One of the girls who used to be in my small group now lives with other girls from the ministry and is also my next door neighbor. She hosted a Christmas for the girls in our ministry who live in the neighborhood. I'm really proud of her and how much she's grown to love the Lord and people. 

Thank you for praying and for your continued support! 

Much love,