February Update

Hi everyone! Here's some updates on ministry from January and February!

My Wednesday small group has gotten to hang out together more this month. My co-leader, Aileen and I took them to lunch and the other day one of our girls invited us ice skating with her family for her birthday!  It was sweet to get to meet her family and make her feel special. 

This is my Tuesday small group!  We still got to have a zoom call during the ice storm and this is us eating some cereal together :) 

Focus on Jesus Bible study and boba with Chloe :)  Pretty cool that I get to talk with girls about Jesus all day. 

Please be praying for these TWU girls! In general, they are plagued anxiety over homework and relational conflict. Please be praying that they learn to get along with their roommates and classmates and  for their anxiety. And pray that our pastoral staff team and our student leaders are able to pastor them well in these areas. 


Reagann and I do campus outreach every Wednesday. Last week we had supplies for people to write thank you cards to their friends, hoping to meet people and promote a culture of gratitude on campus. 


All first year staff take a Christian history class and learn from some professors at Regent College, Sarah Williams and Iain Proven.  A couple weeks ago we actually got to have a zoom call with Iain after we finished his book!

This isn't necessarily relevant but my friend's dog had puppies and they are so cute!  

Thank you for reading! Please continue to pray for our ministry in Denton. Thank you for your support!

Much love,