March Update

Hi everyone! I hope you're doing well! 

Here's some updates from March. Thank you for making this month of campus ministry possible! 

This is Emily! We've been studying the Bible together this year. In this picture we were inviting people on campus to paint flower pots with us. TWU girls love crafts and it's a great way to meet them. This week we met two new girls, Cece and Naveah, who were interested in coming to small group. 

Please be praying that they come and can quickly get connected with other students.

While TWU and UNT were on spring break I got to meet up with some old friends and also take a little trip to Austin with some other friends! 

In May we'll be sending some of our students to a conference called the Student Institute of Campus Ministry - SICM for short. They will learn valuable ministry skills to take back to campus with them next school year and hopefully use the rest of their lives.  So we've been having fundraisers for those students. 

Please be praying that our students can raise enough funds to go to SICM!

This is me and some other students who went to SICM in 2017. I had just finished my freshman year at Collin College. We've all graduated now, and it's sweet to see how many of my friends are still passionate about ministry whether they are leaders in their church or campus pastors along side me.  

Just me and my roommie, Samantha. She's a graphic design major at UNT and a good roommie :)

Thank you for your continued support!  

Much love,