The First Month: small group, hang outs, TNF, and roommates

We’re only one month into the school year and already so much as happened. God brought a ton of people to our first couple of large group meetings, so many that people had to sit on the floor! Since then less people have joined us, but that’s typical for the start of the semester. 

Something we’ve been trying is to include more songs in our worship with a Gospel style as well as some songs in Spanish to be inclusive of people from different traditions. So far I’ve been really excited about the way it’s turned out. A few weeks ago we even put together a little Gospel choir of about 6 students.  Please pray that our efforts to be inclusive with out music are effective in the vision of making disciples

My core has been so fun! They love to hang out together and are each committed in their own way to devoting themselves to Jesus this year. I’m really excited about them! Please pray that the things that are holding them back from committing completely to Jesus lose power in their lives. We’ve already seen this happen, but pray it continues to happen for each of them. 

After our Thursday Night Fellowship (TNF) we always have what we call after events. One night some students hosted a ping pong tournament at one of our ministry houses and some of us went out for ice cream.

My friend Aileen sharing about the vision and FOCUS at TNF

Some TWU girls!  

The roommies :) This is Sarah, Samantha, Keelee, Madai, Veronica, and me. I’ve been so blessed to get to live with lots of different roommates over the years. 

Thank you for reading and thank you for your continued partnership in the Gospel. God is working on these campuses and I’m so thankful to be a part of it. 

Much love,