Fall Retreat and Other Things

Hello everyone!  

Thank you for your partnership in another month of campus ministry! Tonight my small group of girls is coming over to my house for a potluck and painting pumpkins.  I’m thankful for the women that God has put under my care this year. 

We have something very exciting coming up this Sunday! Iain Proven, a biblical scholar from Regent College in Canada, is coming to share with a our students about his recent book, Cuckoos in Our Nest, which addresses truth and lies about what it means to be a human being and presents a biblical image for humanity. 

I’m reading the book right now and am encouraged by Iain’s wholistic approach to life as image-bearers in a created world living as caretakers of each other and of the earth. I definitely recommend reading! Here’s a link to buy it on amazon:

In other news, there is an abundance of students this year wanting to study the Bible!  Our small groups are overflowing with people who are hungry for scripture and Jesus. One girl I’m studying with also wants to be baptized (pictures to come when that happens)! 

A few weeks ago we took our students on a fall weekend retreat. During the weekend we talked about making a decision to commit to following Jesus. We also competed in a “Survivor style” tournament together. My group was the blue team :)

At the end of this month we will be having our annual Keep FOCUS Growing fundraiser. This raises funds for for general ministry costs such as outreach event costs, administrator salaries, and health insurance for our staff.  I want to invite you all to this opportunity to give. A few generous partners to our ministry have pledged to match the funds that are given during the campaign, so if you give by November 28th your gift could be doubled! 

I get to meet with these two student ministers every week, Audrey and Rian. They are excellent lovers of God and people. Rian was in my small group when she was a freshman and now she’s a senior. And she wrote the testimony for this month!

Thank you so much for reading and for your continued support!  
Please pray for our student leaders to keep going to the Lord for strength. This is the time of year that many of them can begin feeling burned out. Please pray for them and our pastoral staff team that we would not try to minister out of our own resources but always go to the Lord love, wisdom, and strength. 

Much love,