Winter Retreat!

Hi everyone! 

I heard that the link for my wedding RSVP wasn’t working. Here it is again! 

Here’s some photos from Winter Retreat! Dr. Daniel Lee from Fuller Seminary came from California to share with us about God’s Grace, so simple but so necessary to hear and relearn about. I could write out some reflections from his talks, but I think it’s better for you just to hear it from him. This video isn’t from Winter Retreat but summarizes some of Dr. Lee’s teachings on God’s grace. I found it to be very thought provoking and impactful to the way I think about grace. It’s only a few minutes long. 

We also had a Gospel choir at Retreat that was so amazing! Wish you all could have heard it.

Just a typical Thursday Night Fellowship 

Hanging out with our small group leaders at TWU 

Me and Lilly started a Bible study last semester and finished this week! It’s such a privilege to get to spend a year teaching college students about Jesus and being able to send them out onto the campus to do the same thing for their peers. 

Thank you so much for reading and for your continued partnership in the Gospel! It means so much to these students. 

Much love,