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January Update

Happy New Year! I hope that your Christmas season was restful and joyful.   After a 2 week break, our staff teams are back to work preparing for the spring semester.  Coming up next weekend is our annual Winter Camp!  I would say Winter Camp is like our family vacation - all of our campuses come together as one big 600 member family for 4 days. We rest, have fun, and worship together.  It's the biggest event FOCUS puts on each year for our students and can be pivotal for many in their relationship Jesus and their decision to follow Him.  Winter Camp was where I first made stronger friendships with other people in the FOCUS community and was encouraged to stay connected. Please be in prayer with us that Winter Camp is safe and fruitful for our students.  I'm looking forward to sharing the stories and pictures with you!  Sermon To finish off last semester, each of the apprentices prepared a sermon in which we told our stories and how the Gospel was personal to each of us. I would