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Winter Camp and More

 Hello Ministry Partner! Thank you for praying for Winter Camp.  Despite last minute changes and some scrambling on the part of our admin team, it happened and was a success!  Many of our students showed up and were blessed by community, the lectures, and worshiping our Lord together.   Before I get into the past month, I'd like to invite you to to our annual Showcase Fundraiser: Each year we send students from FOCUS to the Student Institute of Campus Ministry where they learn what it means to be missionaries on their campuses.  This is a valuable Kingdom investment in each of their lives and has great impact on the lives of the students they encounter on campus.  To help fund their trips to the conference we host a quality  showcase and artisan market.  I would love to see some of you there!  You can purchase tickets here .  Back to the Blog - Winter Camp! Rikk Watts, a New Testament scholar from Cambridge University, flew all the way to Texas to share wit