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June Ministry Update!

  Hello Ministry Partner!   Thank you so much for making this year possible. It has been a year filled with growth, laughter, tears, new friendships, and joy in the Lord. Thinking about all the people who have loved me and poured into me this year is overwhelming.  Each of my donors, my apprentice class, all of my teachers, each member of our staff team, the FOCUS directors, our student leaders.  I am richly blessed.     This year has changed my life and my heart to look a little bit more like Jesus. The Lord has shaped my heart in many ways, some that I probably don't even see. He has taught me that he is a gracious and compassionate and ready to extend grace. I have learned this through the person and character of Jesus.  Jesus is literally incredible - he cares for the little people, the ones who seem insignificant; he is bold and unconcerned about the opinions of others; he looks to the heart and is always ready to offer grace and acceptance; and he shows us who the Father is.