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Hello Ministry Partner! Sending out my blog to you always reminds me of how thankful I am for your support.  The amount of time I'm able to spend with students on campus and learn from my classes and readings would not be possible without you.  These students really are being blessed by the efforts our 8 member team that pours in to them in love and in turn are blessed by you!  You have direct connection to campus ministry and are doing effective Kingdom work. Our work together is producing fruit like this: Staff Retreat Our staff team went on a retreat this month to rest, refresh, and connect with each other.  It's really special to get to be a part of a team of ministers who are passionate about campus ministry, learning, and love Jesus. Throughout the week various staff members shared about spiritual disciplines that have been impactful to them: humility, self control, surrender, prayer and intimacy, and sacrifice.  After the Prayer and Intimacy sermon we each spent the next