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God is Faithful

God is faithful!   After welcome week my friend Aileen and I hosted our first small group, expecting all the new people we had met to show up...but nobody came.  Instead of feeling discouraged, we remained faithful to what God had called us to do.  So we continued to reach out and invite.   But more than we were faithful, God was faithful to us .  With seemingly little effort on our part, God began bringing girls to us - girls who were excited to be a part of community, start friendships, dig deeper into their relationships with God, and for some, find out who Jesus is.   The past month of spending time with these girls in small group and outside has been a joy!  Here are some sweet photos of them: I told them I needed a picture for my blog :) The temperature dropped to 70 ° , so we decided it was a good day for hot chocolate!   Taylor started coming a few weeks ago to small group and last week she  invited  her roommate,  T èa! It's so encouraging when girls invite others to come