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Summer Ministry Updates

Hi everyone!   How is your summer? Welcome to my blog if you are new to my support team this year.  And thank you for your support, it means so much for our students and for me. I'm so honored to get to spend my time in ministry to college students.  Here's some sweet moments from the summer so far.   Baby Jude is our honorary 8th member of the Denton pastoral staff team. In other words he's our team lead's son and hangs out with us at meetings.  We celebrated his 1st birthday at the splash pad!  A sweet hug and ice cream with my buddy, Anylah Some of our students hosted a night of worship at their house My friend Aileen (left) decided she wanted to be baptized! Aileen is one of the students in our ministry who is a testament to God's work on the college campus.  She entered our ministry a few years ago not knowing who Jesus was and through friendships she built and studying scripture with Claudia (right) she became a Christian!   This is Rikk Watts (bottom left cor