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The Home Stretch

Exciting news!  I have been offered a full time position with FOCUS and I accepted!  Next year will look much the same as my apprentice year, except for less course work, so I'll have more time to meet with students and take on more responsibilities with the staff team.  And I'll be staying in Denton, so I'll be able to continue the relationships with students that I've already built this year.  I've learned so much this year about pastoral leadership and am excited to continue putting that into practice and growing in it. Thank you for making this year possible. We're in the home stretch of the semester!  It's bitter sweet to see the year approaching it's end.  We had one of our last leader meetings last night where we worshiped together and shared good news from the year.  At the beginning of the year, the room full of our leader team seemed so big with some people I knew and a lot that I didn't know that well (There's over 30 of them), but las